Exclusive SealGenius® Technology

How SealGenius System works

The SealGenius® system is mainly used to seal the concrete cracks and repair the waterproofing layer made of membranes or resins in new or older structures.

SealGenius® technology is a special treatment system to repair the waterproof layer and seal the structure to protect against deterioration. The SealGenius system offers a definitive, fast and cost-effective solution to infiltration problems considered difficult and often treated with palliative solutions. Our unique system combines two exclusive technologies: The Liquelastic® SG7007 with low viscosity and density (almost equal to water) and the water leak repair machine.

Eliminating infiltrations is essential to protect concrete structures from deterioration.

How cracks and water decreases the concrete’s lifespan

According to the American Concrete Institute (ACI), the indices that indicate that the concrete’s durability is being compromised are increasing. The great growth of the appearance of pathological manifestations is attributed to the problems of waterproofing layer of the concrete structure

A concrete structure subjected to a water infiltration will expand the crack with greater speed, making the process more and more accelerated, opening the way for the faster entry of aggressive agents of the environment into the structure, facilitating the harmful action of the carbon dioxide and chlorides on the steel structure.

“It is essential to eliminate infiltration points when they are identified in order to avoid the evolution of the problem to other regions and stop the deterioration, that compromise the structure”.

Why use SealGenius system to eliminate infiltrations?

All infiltration begins in the “tension points” of the concrete structure. “Tension points” are localized structural efforts due to the retraction and thermal expansion of the different materials, structural movements and building settlement, which generate the cracks and constantly damage the waterproofing layer.

In addition, concrete and steel are two materials with different properties that work together, it is impossible to predict their behavior when exposed to the inclement weather. In this way, it is natural for cracks and microcracks to appear on the concrete, serving as an entry point for aggressive agents such as carbon dioxide and chlorides, which reduce the durability of the structure.

Redoing the waterproofing layer, does not resolve the underlying cause of the problem. In addition to a much higher cost, new damages in the same regions will recur in a short period, because the waterproofing layer does not support structural movements. The sealing of cracks and micro-cracks in concrete is essential to stop the penetration of carbon dioxide and chlorides that are attacking the structure. 

The ultimate solution for these cases is the pressurized application of the Liquelastic® SG7007 from SealGenius, that will seal all the cracks and the infiltration points of the waterproofing layer, absorbing the movements of the structure, because of it’s permanent flexibility.

Ecologic system

Construction accounts for 50% of all solid waste generated in major cities. SealGenius® technology avoids the generation of debris, since you do not have to break anything to eliminate infiltration. It also generates savings in water consumption since it is not necessary to empty swimming pools, water tanks and reservoirs to eliminate infiltrations.

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