SEALGENIUS SOLUTION IS FOR EVERYONE. We perform services of any size: Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

We eliminate the infiltration problems permanently, by pressurized application of the Liquelastic® SG 7007 Liquid in cracks and crevices, repairing the damages in the waterproofing layer. Our service can be done even on rainy days and with the presence of water in the region.

The SealGenius System repairs the waterproofing layer and performs the sealing of the cracks in the treated regions of the concrete structure, preventing the aggressiveness of the environment from penetrating through the cracks in the structure.


  • Fast and convenient, preserves the place’s routine
  • Warranty of up to 5 years
  • Ecologic system, No demolition, no dirt
  • Instant and permanent seal
  • Preserves the existing floor covering
  • Most economical and reliable solution
  • Efficiency and immediate results guarantee
  • Preserves and protects the concrete structure
  • Automatic equipment that ensures service standards
  • Service performed even with the presence of water in the region
  • Sealing of cracks in the treated regions, preserves and protects the concrete structure

We eliminate infiltrations from water tanks and pools without emptying them.

Ideal for garages, condos, slabs, expansion joints, elevator pits, suspended water tanks, swimming pools, penthouses, basements, retaining walls, dams, tunnels, viaducts, foundations, etc …

SealGenius Software System:

The SealGenius system is controlled by its own software to guarantee the standardization and excellence in the quality of our services. The estimates, the execution and delivery of the services are executed and monitored by the system.

Accuracy by thermal images.

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