Exclusive SealGenius® Products

SealGenius´s innovative system combines two unique technologies: a Water Leak Repair Machine (up to 250Bar) and a special Liquelastic® SG 7007 with the same viscosity and density as the water.

“The SealGenius Water Leak Repair Machine reaches sufficient pressure (up to 250Bar) to overcome the resistence of the concrete, allowing the Liquelastic® SG7007 to penetrate to the source of the leak in the waterproofing layer”.

“Due to the very low viscosity and density of our Liquelastic® SG7007 it is able to penetrate in 100% of the cracks and microcracks by filling up the source of the leak”.

1 – Water Leak Repair Machine SG707®

High pressure, up to 250 Bar

SealGenius exclusive SG707 Water Leak Repair Machine is light and compact, allowing for fast and low-cost logistics. It has an automatic mains voltage selection (110/220V), highly automated, with precise control of pressure, level and material consumption. Features a wireless remote control, OLED Display, electronic control, automated pressure relief valves and quick-connect connections.

The Electronic Automated Pressure Control System guarantees that the application of the product, in the expansion joints, in the micro-cracks and capillaries of the structure, has a homogeneous and standardized filling.

Due to its unique application pressure (up to 250Bar), it is able to overcome the resistance of the concrete, allowing the product to penetrate to the source of leakage of the waterproofing layer, ensuring the total elimination of infiltration.

The Water Leak Repair Machine provides a fast, accurate and effective result with standardized quality and ease of use, logistics, cleaning and maintenance.

OLED Display

Through the OLED Display it is possible to monitor and control the entire operation of the machine. It is possible to execute the work with just one person.

Remote Control - Wireless

Full duplex wireless remote control with OLED display. Simultaneously sends and receives commands and system information. Designed to operate with just one hand. It works with an internal rechargeable battery and can be charged by the machine.

2 – Liquelastic® SG 7007

The Liquelastic® SG 7007 is a liquid for application under high pressure, developed specifically to seal the structure and eliminate water infiltration in concrete and similar substrates. It permanently repairs the waterproofing layer and performs the sealing of the cracks in the treated regions of the concrete structure, interrupting the penetration of carbon dioxide and chlorides that are attacking the steel structure. The Liquelastic® SG 7007 is waterproof, non-toxic and has very low viscosity, fast response, high strength and resistance to fungus and bacteria.

It is highly durable and has permanent elasticity. Due to the very low viscosity and density, it is able to penetrate in 100% of the cracks and microcracks by filling up the source of the leak. After cured, it forms an elastic and solid structure with excellent adhesion to both dry and wet substrates. The Liquelastic® SG 7007 was created for application under high pressure into cracks and microcracks to seal the structure and eliminate water infiltration in concrete or similar structure.

Features and Benefits

– Odorless.
– Environmentally friendly.
– Fungus and bacteria resistant.
– Use only water to clean the machine.
– Resistant to freezing and thawing cycles.
– Very low viscosity and density (almost equal to water).
– Permanently elastic, can absorb small structure moviments.
– Performs the sealing of cracks to protect the concrete structure.
– Reaction time (gel formation) can be adjusted as needed (for low and high temperatures, etc.).
– Unique product specifically developed to eliminate infiltrations in concrete or similar substrates.
– After cured, can always be used in direct contact with damp or water saturated conditions.
– After cured, it is insoluble in water, hydrocarbons as well as resistant to acids and alkalis.


Our accessories, fixter and clamp, are specially developed to resist the high pressure of the SealGenius system, being able to reach up to 250Bar, without any leakage.

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